Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng


Overnight Camping in Dawki Shnongpdeng

Includes: Tent and Bedding.

Price: Starting from 400/- per person

Experience the tranquility of overnight camping by a bonfire along the pristine Umngot River in Meghalaya, renowned for its crystal-clear waters. Feel the refreshing breeze from the river and surrounding mountains as you stay at the campsite, with a clear view of the riverbed below. Overnight camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng River offers an exhilarating and unforgettable adventure, sure to rejuvenate you from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

We also offer private camping services in Dawki, Shnongpdeng, where you can enjoy overnight camping at a secluded campsite with a few tents in a separate area. The environment at the campsite is peaceful and serene, providing a truly unique experience.

Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng Highlights

  • Slide in campsites at riverside with amusing sceneries and witness the beautiful Umngot River.
  • A campfire night makes for a special bonding memory with family or friend.
  • Good morning with the peaceful melody and the silver crystal-clear water of the Umngot River.
  • Wake up in your tent and have your delicious breakfast to start your day with adventurous activities.

Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng Activites Chart

Product Name Inclusion Price (per person)
Camping Tent with bedding Rs. 400/-
Camping Bunch Tent with bedding, dinner, breakfast next morning. Rs. 1,200/-
Camping with Water Sports Tent with bedding, dinner, breakfast next morning, cliff jumping, kayaking and snorkelling. Rs. 2,500/-


Upon your arrival in Shnongpdeng, our representative will warmly welcome you and assist with your check-in at our campsite. Relax into your riverside tent which is to your contentment and that is just near the pure and tranquil waters of Shnongpdeng and feel the alluring sensations of the nearby river. As the time evening comes, we shall fire up a small bonfire as a means of warming up, and give you a preferential adventure over the city life. Get together with your family or your loved ones for a dinner by the open fire of light under the night sky. To finish, head on to your tent and chill for along period of quietness.

Wake up and have you tasty breakfast. Head to the adventure sites and enjoy doing kayaking, cliff jumping, snorkelling and scuba diving. Later check out the campsite and start your journey to home.


  • Instructions
  • Equipment used camping (Tent and Bedding)


  • Transportation
  • Things not listed above

Frequently Asked Question on Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng

What is the price for camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng with tent and bedding?

The minimum price for camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng is Rs. 400/- which inludes tent and bedding along with bonfire.

Can I have meals and breakfast at the Dawki Camp Shnongpdeng, and do I have to cook them myself?

Yes, dinner and breakfast is part of our camping package and if you want to have dinner you can book our package of Rs. 1200 which inludes tent, bedding, dinner(veg), breakfast(veg) and bonfire arrangement.

Campsite also provides bedding, blankets and pillows for the Dawki Tent Stay?

Yes, there is no need to bring your sleeping bag as we will supply with it at our Dawki Tent at Rs.400 only.

Is the site of my camping accommodation offer bonfire during my stay in Dawki?

Certainly, bonfires shall be arranged as options for guests who choose the Camping Package or higher package types.

Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng is riverside camping or beach camping?

Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng is both riverside camping and beach camping.

Does the tent have any electricity or any source of light during camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng?

Yes we provide rechargeable lights in the tent during the camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng.  

Do the campsite offers any parking facility for cabs and motorcyles?

Yes, There is parking space available in the area just outside Shnongpdeng Campsite that is ideal to park your two and four wheeler vehicles.

Do guest rooms with access to luggage rooms in the Dawki tent stay?

You can keep your luggage with your self inside the camping or if you have any valuable items you can give it to the campsite owner. 

How to reach Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng?

To reach Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng you can book a private cab with Saiyyaraa Travels from Shillong it take almost 3 hours and the distance from Shillong to Dawki is 81km. For booking you can call us at 9862204771.

What is the contact number of camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng?

The contact number of camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng is 9862204771.

What are the things to carry during camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng?

Shoes, Umbrella, Warm Clothes, Charger, and Valid Itentity Proof are the things to carry for camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng.

What is the best season for camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng?

The best time for camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng is considered to be during any other months except monsoon season from June to September, when water up floods the rivers, visibility is reduced and the roads get damaged. 

Is Alcohol allowed during camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng?

No alcohol is strictly not allowed during your camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng.

How many person can stay in one tent in Dawki Shnongpdeng?

In a single tent two adult person can accomodate and if you are a group of three you can opt for a triple sharing tent. 

Are pet animals are allowed during camping at Dawki?

We only allow baby pets dogs or cat in our campsite.

Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng Location

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Camping at Dawki Shnongpdeng
Starting From ₹400
/ Adult (Standard)