Umngot River

Situated in Northeast India’s Meghalaya state, Dawki, which balances nature’s natural beauty with cultural diversity, is a secret paradise waiting to be explored. Dawki is a natural wonder in a silent pearl, which is carefully hidden among the forests rich in greenery, enjoying a memorable view of the majestic mountains surrounding. Not even the Umngot River, which is a pristine waterway among the scenic parts of the village, can keep this place from being enchanting. By the tranquil atmosphere and unpolluted landscapes, the village of Dawki has now become a destination for travellers who have come to seek peace and nature escapade from the hecticness and noisy of modern life.

Why choose Dawki for your next vacation?

There are many factors like why Dawki has to be at the top circle of travel bucket. Initially, the outstanding and the most beautiful charm was not found elsewhere. The Umngot River, as the ‘River of Dawki’ which is known for its crystal clear blue water, is increasingly becoming a major spot for attracting tourists. Navigating and paddling along this unique river and swamp comes as a distinctive joy. The water is so clean that one can even see mossy rocks and fishes swimming among the weeds. The Gibb River Road Bridge, which crosses over the Umngot River gives a 360-degree perspective of the landscapes behind and the best point to take shots for photography enthusiasts.

Right besides the magical natural scenery, Dawki is a place where people have the opportunity to observe the Khasi tribe‚Äôs unique and colorful culture. The local people are friendly and hospitable, you can melt into the culture and feel the vivid tradition of their folkways. Traditional music and dance renditions by the Khasi Tribe ,sweeps the audience to the stream of consciousness ,bringing a treat for the senses. Dawki does host myriads of festivals every year, which reflect adequately the region’s cultural diversity and therefore giving away an opportunity to view the indigenous rituals and practices.

Top Tourist Attractions in Dawki

Dawki River: The Dawki River, referred to as Wah Umngot in the local dialect, is well-known for its pristine water. The river’s surface is so clean that it allows for a clear view of the riverbed. Boating is quite popular among visitors in Dawki since it’s a fantastic experience to boat on the Dawki River. Additionally, it’s a nice picnic area where residents from various Meghalayan towns gather to spend time with their loved ones. The gorgeous surrounds and the verdant surroundings enhance the charm of this magnificent river.

This area is used for water sports including kayaking and riverbank camping. Among the purest rivers in Asia, this one is exceptionally pure.

Living Root Bridge, Riwai: There is just one live root bridge, the Mawlynnong live Root Bridge. It is located near Mawlynnong in the village of Riwai. A short, steep walk that crosses a gravel path and steps leads there.

It may be regarded as one of Meghalaya’s natural wonders. It will undoubtedly captivate the spectator who is a tourist. As soon as you get at the living root bridge, you will enjoy the tranquil surroundings of this location. Because root bridges of this type are uncommon, visitors to Dawki and Mawlynnong have also been drawn to this bridge.

Mawlynnong Village: Mawlynnong village, recognized as the cleanest hamlet in Asia, is a lovely and well-kept community. Its cleanliness has made it more well-known as a tourist destination than a community. Mawlynnong hamlet is extremely clean and well-kept, which makes it worthy of the moniker “cleanest village in Asia.” The villagers take great care to preserve the community and are quite picky about cleanliness. The community has a calm environment. One of the numerous house stays in Mawlynnong Village is a great place to stay if you truly want to experience village life and its tranquil setting.

Indo Bangladesh Border: Travelers are welcome to visit the friendly Indo-Bangladesh Border and enjoy views of Bangladesh’s lowlands. The soldiers are helpful and kind. This international boundary is photographable for your records.

In order to strengthen ties between Bangladesh and India, the India-Bangladesh Friendship Gate was built here. While you are in Dawki, you should visit this location if you have an interest in foreign boundaries and the army.

Tourists from Bangladesh and India come to this border to take photos. This is a place where you will have unforgettable experiences. We call it Tamabil Check Post.

Mawshun Cave: Since it was just recently found in Meghalaya, hardly many tourists are aware of it. During your Dawki Tour, this should be on your bucket list if you enjoy the outdoors and adventure. It is recommended that you visit Mawshun Cave with the assistance of a local guide, as the cave is simple to navigate.

There is a tiny creek that runs through the cave, and occasionally you may see fish swimming in it. Visiting the cave is undoubtedly an exciting experience. It is darker inside the cave, so bring a torch.

Jaflong Zero Point: Jaflong Zero Point is a lovely location surrounded by tranquility in nature. It is a hill station in Dawki that is popular with tourists. Jaflong Zero Point is renowned for its assortment of stones. The location is attractive in the rainy season, especially with the waterfalls visible. You will undoubtedly feel refreshed by the place’s tranquil surroundings after spending a day in the bustle of the metropolis.

You may snap captivating family and friend photos at Jaflong Zero Point because of its breathtaking natural beauty. It is among the best locations in the vicinity of Dawki.

Borhill Falls: Bophil Falls and Pangtumai Mai falls are other names for Borhill Falls. The falls are next to a bridge. The stunning waterfall may be seen on one side, while Bangladesh’s plains can be seen on the other. This stunning waterfall is close to the Bangladeshi border and is located between Dawki and Mawlynnong. In the monsoon season, the falls are very large.

Standing at the bridge, take in the stunning waterfalls and enjoy the sensation of water droplets caressing your face. You will undoubtedly feel renewed and refreshed after doing it.

Types of Dawki Tour Packages

Saiyyaraa Travels caters its Dawki tour packages for a multi-dimensional audience portraying the scenic upland destinations for their travelers. If you enjoy nature, want incentive, or just want to be part of a cultural event, whatever it is, there is the perfect plan for you. The package deals include hotels, transportation, sightseeing tours and other items which are suitable for a hitch free tour as well as the availability of amenities. For nature lovers, there are packages that are oriented at the observation of the natural phenoms of Dawki and surrounding sites. The packages within these are the Umngot River for boating and kayaking, trekking through the green jungle with elements as the nearby waterfalls and caves. Those who like active recreation can pick adrenaline-fulll packages including river rafting, canopy tour and rock climbing. These packages will attract those looking for the local Khasi culture by offering them Khasi villages visits, traditional dance presentation, as well as active participation in local festivals.

Things to do in Dawki

When in Dawki, one can never say he/she/they are bored as an array of activities are arranged to keep them occupied and happy. Boating that is carried out on the river Umngot is one of the essential activities in Dawki. The crystal clear waters provides a unique florist waters through which you can see the bed of the river and the fishes that swimming beneath you. For the kayaking enthusiasts, the river always provides a good opportunity for individual explorations or for getting into the nature up close.

Hiking and other related activities let you feel the amazing forest atmosphere in the green zone of Dawki. There are a number of treks that take you through the distinct jungles, providing you with the once in a life time opportunity to breath in fresh air and experience the beautiful scenery of greenery in the hilly valleys. Being a favorite for nature admirers, Dawki also offers a numerous bird species that are favorite for bird-watching. Be armed with your binoculars and watch the prettiest birds showing off their natural abodes.

For adventure enthusiasts, river rafting on the Umngot River ranks as a top notch adventure activity. The thrilling river’s waterfalls and the current streams also become the most outstanding routes for rafting. If you prefer to stay on the ground rather than soar over the clouds, maybe you’d want to try some zip-lining or rock climbing. These acts are like of glasses, looking through you can see and enjoy the beauty of Dawki from a unique angle, and have a remarkable adventure.

Best time to visit Dawki

Winter is undoubtedly the best time to risk visiting Dawki for its pleasant weather and clear skies. The monsoon season maybeekodeii time for a pleasant trip to Dawki where you wouldn’t need to bother about heavy rains or extreme conditions. From December to February is the winter months, which are the issue for the tourist as they are cool and the perfect climate condition for outdoor sports. Regardless of the season, beauty captors will adore it by all means; if you prefer to behold the lush green scenery and water falls in the full bloom, the monsoon from the month of June to September will be a visionary understanding.

Saiyyaraa Travels Dawki Tour Packages

Saiyyaraa travels gives a range of the Dawki tour packages which suits different budget and choice of tourists. There is no variety of luxury hobies or low budget tourism, Saiyyaraa Travels has all for you. We offer packages which meet varied requirements and include a stay in the exquisite accommodations at the best tourist destinations, transfers, sightseeing tour, and expert guides. Relieve yourself from the hassle of travel planning and relax to explore the unknown corners of the world with Saiyyaraa Travels that will ensure that your vacation experience isn’t just dreamy but also something to cherish for a lifetime.

Accommodation Options in Dawki

The availability covers a multitude of accommodation types including one that suits the leisure or business traveler. From five-star luxury resorts to guesthouses at $50 a night, various accommodation options are available. Nervaza Travels will provide you with the appropriate facilities that match the price range and other necessities that you might need. Some of the popular options include:

Guesthouses and Homestays: If you are seeking for a more authentic, buddies guesthouses and home stays are your way. Run by the locals, these accommodations offer usings of local culture and traditions and the best way to challenge our preconceptions. They build up a comfortable and welcoming vibe, as you love being in your house.

Budget Hotels: If budget is your constraint and you are looking for a place where you can stay comfortably at affordable prices, there are many budget hotels in Dawki which meet the required standard. Budget hotels are strategically located to provide you with basic amenities such as food, water, and a unbeatable spot that gives you a chance to explore the town without spending much.

How to Reach Dawki

From it you can reach major cities of India as well as Meghalaya and from there travel to any part of the country. Here are the different modes of transportation to reach Dawki:Here are the different modes of transportation to reach Dawki:

By Air: The nearest airport to Dawki town is Shillong airport that caters air transportation requirements at about 96 kilometers from Dawki. If you are flying to Dawki, the airport will be then your starting point where you can hire a taxi or catch a bus. The trip can take from 3 to 4 hours, ignoring of the traffic situation and the wunda of the roads.

By Train: Guwahati Railway Station, situated approximately 180 kilometers away from the railway station in Dawki, is the closest one. We can negotiate to book a taxi or take a bus from rail station to Dawki for you. The trip takes approximately 4-5 hours highway travelling time depending on the traffic a condition of the roads.

By Road: Dawki, being well-joined to other cities of Meghalaya and adjacent states through a vast net of roads, serves people with the most convenient connection. In case ideally you might catch a taxi or ride the bus Shillong, Gwahati or any other neighborhood town points as its place of origin for Dawki. Road infrastructure is well taken care off. This smoothens and gives a pleasurable ride.

Things to Carry for Dawki Tour Packages

To have the best experience on Dawki tour packages, it is important to take the necessary items to the trip. Here are a few things you should consider carrying:

Comfortable Clothing: Bring in the clothes that will let you adjust to the local weather. Lightweight and breathable fabrics are better as they can trap heat during the humid summer season when it gets hot. Get a pair of lesser garments and eco-cloths that you will have a fun doing.

Footwear: Choose a good pair of walking shoes or hiking boots, as especially for trekking you will need them. Open sandals and flip-flops might be good companions for river walks too if you don’t want any challenge for your feet.

Sunscreen and Insect Repellent: Do not miss to cover you skin from sun burn or ultraviolet rays by ensuring to apply sunscreen with a vital SPF. Investing in a good insect repellent is a must to avert from or at least discourage mosquitoes and other insects from tackling you, especially during outdoor occasions.

Camera and Binoculars: Make sure you do not forget to carry your camera as you take home wonderful pictures of Dawki’s beautiful landscapes and animals. Binocular glasses come in handy for bird-watching and wildlife spotting. They work well from distance.

Medications and First-Aid Kit: Please ensure you have all the necessary medications along with the first aid kit containing bandages, antiseptic ointment, painkillers among others if you are prescribed some.

Cash and Identification: Although ATM’s have been provided in Dawki, it is better to keep some money for unplanned circumstances. Besides remembering the identification documents you must not forget to carry your passport or driver’s license.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dawki Tour Packages

When is the ideal time to travel to Dawki?

The monsoon season is ideal for visiting Dawki because of the abundance of vegetation and the captivating rains. If you wish to engage in adventurous activities, you may also visit Dawki between October and March, when accommodation rates are significantly lower.

Is visiting Dawki in June the best time of year?

Indeed, May is a great time to visit Dawki because it’s the beginning of the rainy season and you can appreciate the surrounding greenery and waterfalls.

What products does Dawki sell?

Despite Dawki’s tiny size, the local goods are distinctive. The residents of Meghalaya adore and are well-known for their betelnuts from Dawki. Additionally, you may get fresh fish from the market that is caught in the Dawki River.

Is camping permitted while on the Dawki Tour?

It is possible to camp while on the Dawki Tour. Both Dawki and Shnongpdeng Village have campsites where you may spend the night camping next to the river and enjoy a bonfire.

Are tourists secure in Dawki?

One of the safest tourist destinations in Meghalaya is Dawki, where there have typically been no reported incidents involving unfavorable incidents involving visitors.

Are there affordable places to stay in Dawki?

Indeed, Dawki offers a variety of low-cost hotels and homestays. If money is tight, you may reserve a homestay in Dawki or stay in a regular hotel, which could run you about 1500/-per night.

What is the phone number for Dawki Tour Packages?

To book or to get more details about our Dawki Tour Packages you can call us or whatsapp us at 9862204771.

What should I pack for the Dawki Tour?

We advise you to always have an umbrella, first aid kit, telephone charger, and valid identity card with you. For a comfortable and enjoyable excursion around Dawki, it is also advisable that you wear high-quality shoes with a firm grip.