Wari Chora

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Wari Chora, eco- Tourism village located in outer jungles of South Garo Hills, offers a visual feast of nature’s grandeur, just waiting to be experienced. Being a peaceful place that has escaped the need to develop at all cost, which stands out for the brilliance of Warichira gorges, as well as the beautiful waterfalls, which depicts the tranquility to the fullest. Surrounded by the verdant jungles, this destination is about 272 km far from the capital city, which is Shillong, and only 6 hours away from Guwahati in the east. Welcomed by a world much less visited, and therefore, full of surprises and unimaginable scenes, is truly a travelers’ paradise.

The route to Wari Chora, beyond mere distance, purveys the expectancy of the viewing farther; from Guwahati to Shillong, the nearer the mile the untouched beauty of Meghalaya reveals its heart. This article is going to demonstrate why Wari Chora should be on your top destination choice list. We provide you with a roadmap that can aid you to get to this serene location and then highlight the variety of adventurous activities and homestay options that the Garo Hill’s Natural beauty has to offer. In the middle of nature echoing back the Seven Giant Serpents, you can then enjoy the restful river, canyons, and other gorgeous sceneries.

The Enchanting Landscape of Wari Chora

The fantastic landscape of Wari Chora depicts a world of Wari Chora’s nature that is infused with magnificent colors and the stories of myths. Surrounded by the charming hamlets of Plaromgre and Rekmangre, this place of unparalleled natural beauty is not only an geographical wonder but a cultural collection of rich folklore.

Rongdik River’s Mesmerizing Palette: A true masterpiece of nature is the Shishashek-Chora River, which is famous for its moody coloration. The river permeates the canyons like in a dance, transforming from ultramarine waters to clear amber rivers, and occasionally far outstretches them, imitating the impeccability of the sky.

Canyon Exploration: Wari Chora’s canyons are not only a visual pleasure, they also provide enjoyment on the other levels, such as taste, smell and touch, thus being a perfect natural setting for our progressing relaxation. They not only allow visitors to walk on their bed of silence and listen to the lyrical song of water against rocks that tell about hidden stories from long forgotten eras. The canyon is an entrance to many activities, such as rafting and hiking. It is the wilderness that gives the feeling of being far away from civilization with every step and its scenery is shaping of lush forests, falling water falls, and blue clean waters.

Mythical Guardians: The seven serpent gods, which the local folklore describes as the canyons’s lofty guardians, are believed to be their final resting place. These gods are regarded as guardians who ensure that everything remains in its proper place and there is no upheaval in the natural order. The Garo people- the community preciously -stores these beliefs as they say that the snake goddesses could bring misfortunes if insulted.

Biodiversity and Eco-tourism

Flora and Fauna: The nearby hills together with the river’s ecosystem help nurture a wide array of unique flora and fauna, making Wari Chora a haven for any species conservants.

Agnima Wari Fish Sanctuary: In the case when someone likes the aquatic life, the Agnima Wari Fish Sanctuary can be travelled via a trekking trail which is both full (or passion) and (or dangerous) or interesting, depending on each own experience. That this park, the community’s pride, exemplifies much of what the local people have done to safeguard their original heritage and share their great outdoors.

The river’s colors shifting and the world of gods escorting us through different states tells the Wari Chora’s story that, in addition to its visual beauty, is as attractive as it is interesting. Such a mixture of beauty of nature and tradition gives Wari Chora great reputation, and consequently it is quite a wonderful travel spot for those who seek to escape into wonderland.

How to Reach Wari Chora

From Wari Chora, the beautiful place of South Garo Hills to the scenic beauty of Meghalaya, the Wari Chora where one lands at is a trip on adventure by itself. Here are the primary ways you can embark on this journey:Here are the primary ways you can embark on this journey:

By Air

Nearest Airport: The airport with the code LGB (Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati) being located at a distance of 241 km is the nearest airport.

Travel to Wari Chora: You can hire a taxi from Guwahati or book a private car for a journey(duration 6-7 hours) to reach Emangre village, the entry point from which the path to Wari Chora will lead you.

By Road

Driving or Taxi: You can drive or can hire a taxi from Guwahati, with the journey approximately 6-7 hours.

Public Transportation: Alternatively, buses are available from Guwahati to Shillong. From Shillong, local transportation can to be arranged to reach Wari Chora.

By Train

Railway Stations: Wari Chora is without a direct train but the major train station for the place is the Guwahati Railway Station. Leaving off the point here, you can hire a cab to Dudhnoi which is situated at 133 km, the nearest Railhead from the place.

Continuing the Journey: Once you get to the Dudhnoi, you can use the road with available cars or can hire cabs as your means of transport.

Wari Chora Distance from Guwahati

Understanding how far and how long it is going to take from Guwahati to Wari Chora is an important detail for one to be ready to visit these remote locations.Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Direct Distance

The closest route to travel between Guwahati and Wari Chora, the two cities, is about 241km.

Travel Duration

The course is 6-7 hours long by the route of dudhnoi byroad.

Varied duration time may slightly deviate depending on the certain existing road conditions, and the type of transport you chose.

Alternate Routes and Comparisons


Wari Chora is located approximately 15 km away from Baghmara, which is consequently 272 km away from Shillong and 250 km from Guwahati.

These information states more of how Wari Chora is readily accessible from Guwahati, allowing visitors to think of no or lesser worries about the traveling requirements. Be it your own conveyance or you choose public transport, knowledge of these distances and travel times shall, therefore, give a helping hand in making fitting schedules to this magical spot namely in the Garo Hills.

Best Time to Visit Wari Chora

It is worth noting detecting most favorable time to see Wari Chora is important factor for having a great trip, and the best time is from October till March when climate is more compliant.Here’s a detailed breakdown:

Optimal Months

October to March: These months are often regarded as the best time to pay a visit, because the unusual condition of weather is moderate and, thus, it does not prevent people from doing outdoor things and discovering the place.

November to February: This season becomes the most preferable because of the reason that comfort temperature is maintained between 15°C to 25°C which proffers a relaxing climate to cross paths with nature and undertake outdoor events.

Weather Conditions

Temperature Variations: Winter comes(particularly in January and February), it’s everyone’s best company to drop the temperatures to a cool zone of 4°C to 16°C. Also, for those seeking to get away from warm temperatures, a cooler climate is a great refuge.

Spring Climate: In the month from March to May extends a comfortable range of the temperature from 12°C to 24°C. This is the perfect time for the tourist who want to enjoy the exotic durative and lushly greenery landscape.

Seasonal Considerations

Monsoon Season (June to September): It is the best practice to steer away from these months for the trips, because rains not only increase the trails slipperiness, but also decrease the outdoor attractions and could raise the travel plans confrontations.

Cultural Events: For individuals who like local culture, lining up to the Nongkrem Dance festival which is mostly held in the peak season of October or November, is highly recommended because it offers a special and extraordinary experience.

Adventurous Activities in Wari Chora

Wari Chora, in a very calm setting at Meghalaya, has many activities that promise something like a thrill and something for the nature lovers. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the exhilarating experiences awaiting you:Here’s a comprehensive guide to the exhilarating experiences awaiting you:

Adventure Activities

River Canyoning and Rafting: Let yourself be thrown into the action of river canyoning and rafting and thrill your hearts. The exciting water sports take place along the fast-moving currents of Wari Chora, which forms a perfect frame for their best execution.

Kayaking and Canoeing: Use kayak or canoe alongside expert guides who know the beautiful canyon well and brings you on a paddling tour that is pleasant. The opportunity here is not only adventurous but also antiquated to slowly stare the splendour which geological formation provides to your vulnerable eyes.

Swimming and Cliff Jumping: Reward through the peaceful flow of the Rongdik River, best for swimming. If you are seeking an amazing risk challenging be experience, you may try cliff jumping to recharge your adrenalin level and wear the life jacket so you are safe.


Hiking and Trekking: Commence with a 1.5 km steep descent from the clearing that leads to the heart of dense forests. The locals either from the company called “Baghmara Campers” or the township will use their expertise to help in showing the way.

Waterfall Exploration and Camping: Discover parts of unknown beauty hidden behind waterfalls in nature and make your camp right there. The programs are designed with a naturalistic combination of adventure and relaxation which ultimately challenges you to a fully connect with the natural environment.

Fishing and Bird Watching: Utilize the serene fishing gear or simply enjoy the abundance of bird species that can be seen in the area, which bird lovers will find a paradise.

Tips while visiting Wari Chora

Carry a waterproof ocean bag as to protect your camera gear and phone from being exposed to water while doing water-based activities.

When you want to avoid crowded places then you can visit weekdays for the non-peak hours.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wari Chora

What is the distance from Shillong to Wari Chora?

The distance from Shillong to Wari Chora is about 272 km and it takes almost 7 and half hours.

What is the distance from Guwahati to Wari Chora?

Wari Chora is situated at a distance of 216km from Guwahati and it take about 6 hr 30 mins.

Can we visit Wari Chora all through out the year?

Yes, Wari Chora can be visited anytime of the year as the weather is pleasant and usually great for travellers who want to explore the water caves of Wari Chora.

What is the contact number to book cabs from Shillong to Wari Chora?

To book or hire cabs from Shillong to Wari Chora contact us at 9862204771.

What are the things to Carry during Wari Chora Tour?

Trekking Shoes, Umbrella, Med kit, Valid identity card as the must things to carry during your Wari Chora Visit.

Does Saiyyaraa Travels provide tour packages with Wari Chora?

Yes we provides Tour Packages with Wari Chora which generally starts from 4 Days 3 nights tour package to get more details on wari chora call us at 9862204771.