bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is an adrenaline-jolting extreme sport during the course of which you will find out what it is like to be free-falling from a massive height but still remain safely attached to a bungee cord. It emerged from the vanuatu ritualistic practices but, presently it has transformed into a recreational activity across the globize the community. Meghalaya, a state in northeastern India known for its natural beauty is home to some of the most exciting bungee jumping locations which is located in Swer village, Khatarshnong Laitkroh and it will cost you Rs. 3,300/- per person. From steep cliffs, to deep valleys, Meghalaya can be the place where multitude of adrenaline junkies find the right atmosphere to experience adventurous fun.

Swer Village Bungee Jumping

The valley of Swer Village is among the chief bungee jumping spots in Meghalaya Located near Cherrapunji, renowned as the wettest place on Earth, this bungee jumping place has got a one of kind experience among the lush and green environment. As you look down the platform stunning the green valley underneath, your heart may thump loudly and feeling the thrill of it. The jump height is 200 meter but a moment later the bungee cord will wrap you with speed and pull you back up. A beguiling spot with the bungee jump that uplifts your adrenaline level is the Mawkdok- Dympep Valley that should be visited at least once by true die-hard bungee jumpers.

Bungee jumping in Meghalaya: A paradise for adventure enthusiasts

With its rugged mountain chain and countless nature’s gifts, Meghalaya is a nirvana for thrill and adventure seekers. Jumping from high bridges and cliffs in Meghalaya is like no other thrill when it captures you. They take place above the layers of lush vegetation and falling water. The rush and rollercoaster of threats of a diving combined with the marvelous scenery brings together an amazing trip. If you are a true adrenaline junkie, irrespective of whether you have jumped from a bungee site before or you are going to try it out for the first time, Meghalaya has numerous sites to ensure that every level of experience is catered for.

Safety precautions for bungee jumping

Although bungee jumping is a thrilling activity, it is important to remember that one has to placed safety first. Paying heed to the jump master’s instructions and following them thoroughly is an equally significant practice. On the other hand, it is advisable in good manners to inform the instructor in advance of any medical conditions or concerns before the jump in order to ensure hair jump. Through adhering to this safety tips you can experience bungee jumping as a real excitement without long term effects.

The ultimate bungee jumping experience in Meghalaya

To avail a full-fledged fun, maybe the packaged offers consisting of more than one jump in particular sites would leave you a slice of excitement. This will give you the opportunity to see and learn in a really fun way, the various landscapes and beauty that Meghalaya has to offer. There are some packages that provide you with an opportunity to not just do this thing but take a couple of other adventure activities like zip-lining and river-rafting at the same time. With this package, you will not only make memories but also get to carry these memories all your life.

Bungee jumping with Saiyyaraa Travels

Saiyyaraa Travels in Meghalaya provide bungee jumping packages to fulfill the wishes of adrenaline junkies as well as those who are pocket constrained. We provide full guidance to the bungee jumping spot and give you all the tips and tricks while bungee jumping. The cost for bungee jumping is Rs. 3300/- per person and is located in Swer village, Khatarshnong Laitkroh. 

Best time to go bungee jumping in Meghalaya

Bungee jumping in Meghalaya can be done in the dry season such as November till late April. During this season, the weather plays the trick of being temperate, and the possibility of raining is low. Clear skies and moderate atmosphere provide favorable situations for bungee jumping, thus condition good hops that participants will enjoy themselves. Nevertheless, you can always preview the weather forecast before setting an off-trek, because the weather can be quite capricious near the peaks of Meghalaya.

Tips for first-time bungee jumpers

If you are someone who has never attempted bungee jumping, then you might feel restless or anxious before the activity begins. To ease your nerves, here are some tips that can help you make the most of your first bungee jumping experience:

Trust the equipment and the instructors: Bungee gear is built to absorb the impact of the jump and can be customized to the individual’s body type. The instructors are additionally trained to keep you safe. Believing in their knowledge and obeying their guidance.

Embrace the fear: Bungee jumping is the activity of reaching beyond your fears. Engage the adrenaline rush and the magnificent of being free from your comfort zone.

Keep your eyes open: However, it may seem quite natural to close your eyes when you fall, but try instead to keep them open as much as you can. Thus you will be able to physically experience the amazing views and the feeling of flying (or free-falling.

Capture the moment: Consider taking a GoPro or using a helmet-mounted camera to record your bungee jumping experience. This ensures the keeper of your memory is alive with others to make you relive the experience over and over.

Meghalaya, a state that is known for the dramatic beauty and breathtaking bungee jump spots, is perfect for getaways for adventure seekers. It doesn’t matter whether you have been a seasoned bungee jumper or you are a newcomer, there is no better place than Meghalaya to have a life-long memory which will make you demanding for more. Indeed, your adventurous self must be set loose, dread must be vanquished, and you must engage in bungeeing in Meghalaya. This time, feeling the adrenaline rush, seeing a completely different perspective, and the fact that I have overcome a tough challenge will make this memory something to cherish for life.