Tempo Traveller in Guwahati

En-route from Guwahati? Guess what?Renting a tempo traveller is the best option. Saiyyaraa Travels gives your journey a troubles-free touch by the fact that they have wide range of tempo travelling available for rent in Guwahati. Whether you want to go with a small size of the group or large size, these vehicles with plenty of the roomy and the qualified features will be memories of your journey.

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Benefits of Renting a Tempo Traveller for Outstation Travel

You rent a tempo traveller for outstation travel which is surely full of lots of benefits. It accommodates you to travel altogether and the loner feeling of the group left members out. This doesn’t only bring a new element of adventure to your trip but serves as a convenient solution to the hassle of having to arrange multiple vehicles. In addition, tempo travellers have been designed to deliver the maximum relaxation, through to the cushioned seats and wide stance of them. This is why it becomes so easy to pass long trips and you can be all relaxed and take pleasure from all natural beauty surrounding you.

Another notable advantage of renting a tempo traveller is it is absolutely convenient in every way. Saiyyaraa Travels offers modernized vehicles that also contain amenities like air conditioning and entertainment systems. Thus, you will never be worried about cold and cramped conditions even on the longest routes as long as you have such a transportation alternative. Additionally, journey couriers have a team of experienced and professional drivers on board, who are well acquainted with the state of affairs as well as routes hence there is a certainty of a seamless and stress free journey.

Tempo Traveller Fare Chart

Days 13 Seater Tempo Traveller 17 Seater Tempo Traveller (AC) 26 Seater Tempo Traveller (AC)
3 to 4 Days
8000/- Per Day
9500/- Per Day
12,000 Per Day
5 to 8 Days
7500/- Per Day
9000/- Per Day
11,000/- Per Day
9 Days and Above
7000/- Per Day
8500/- Per Day
10,500 Per Day

Features of Tempo Travellers Available for Rent in Guwahati

Saiyyaraa Travels, we provide a variety of tempo traveller hire services in the Guwahati tailored according to individual groups’ needs and preferences. The pricing that has affected most of these travellers can be flexible, and they have features that improve the convenience and safety of the journey. Firstly, they are thoroughly kept, and inspections are carried out at regular intervals to check for safety and dependability. The cars have other comfort logistics for example, the seating accommodations are ample with legroom and there is even enough luggage space. This guarantees you that the journey, you have, is convenient enough so you can put your bag and even legs after stretching them.

Above all the comfort the tempo travellers on hire in Guwahati offers, it is also fitted with modern day amenities. Equipment such as air conditioning to keep you cool on hot summer days, entertainment to keep you entertained with movies, music, and other forms of entertainment, and charging ports to be able to charge your devices are some of the things on the list. The company realises that a good journey involves a lot more than just comfort, it is also about convenience after all. We understand this is why our tempo travellers come packed with these very features. This lets you get rid of the fuss and concentrate on the fun.

Types of Tempo Travellers

Through Saiyyaraa Travels , we appeal to groups ranging in size from small to large as well as meeting specific requirements that each group might have by supplying various types of tempo travellers. Whether the travelers number is small (about 6 to 7) or there is a bigger group like family, they have got the right vehicle. The types of tempo travellers available for rent in Guwahati include:

9-seater Tempo Traveller: This is a convenient and small choice for small groups. Whether it is a visit with your family or a weekend out with your buddies, it can be an exciting departure moment.

13-seater Tempo Traveller: If you have a group that is slightly larger in number, this is the best option. It can take more room and have more seating capacity to enable everyone to be comfortable while traveling.

17-seater Tempo Traveller: When it comes to larger groups or families, the 17-seated tempo traveller is a perfect choice. It provides a spacious atmosphere, fitting in both passengers and their baggage, making it a good option for longer trips.

26-seater Tempo Traveller: With this being the biggest one, this can be a perfect choice for parties where a lot of people are going or events for the companies. Space confortable seating and luggage capacity make this car the right choice for commuting or traveling in groups.

Whether large or small, Saiyyaraa Travels has everything you might need in terms of tempo travelers for your trips.

Tips for a Comfortable and Convenient Outstation Travel Experience with a Tempo Traveller

To ensure a comfortable and convenient outstation travel experience with a tempo traveller, here are some useful tips to keep in mind:

Plan your itinerary: In order to arrive at your destination safely and efficiently, create a preliminary agenda that lists the places you want to visit on your trip. This will assist you in planning your itinerary wisely so that you cover all the spots that had been of interest to you by the end of your trip.

Pack wisely: While you are traveling in tempo traveller, you should pack smartly you should pack smartly. Eliminate the superfluous things that obstruct you and take only what is important. This will enable you to enable sprite up on use and you will be moving in comfort.

Stay hydrated: Long distance travelling requires lots of physical effort, so we need to drink a lot to keep up with the body needs. Don’t forget to carry the enough number of water bottles for your entire group, and therefore, make sure you drink from them often.

Take breaks: Taking breaks from time to time on the way would be crucial as that would provide a longer period of travelling without exhaustion. This in addition will not merely let you stretch your legs but also will provide the opportunity to explore the environment you are traveling in and to perceive the design of the visited places.

Follow safety guidelines: Following the safety directives given by the tempo traveller rental company should be a norm. Among them is the installation of car seats belts, avoiding truthiness which may lead to accidents, and adherence to traffic regulations among others.

Having done these you will certainly have a very enjoyable and smooth trip in a tempo traveller.

Safety Measures to Consider When Renting a Tempo Traveller in Guwahati

While hiring tempo travellers it is of paramount importance to not forget about safety rules in order to lead a safe as well as enjoyable travel. Here are some key points to keep in mind:Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Choose a reputable rental company: Selecting a trustworthy rental firm is very critical and in this case, and here Saiyyaraa Travels comes in. We have a modern fleet of tempo travellers that are always available for hire and which have a team of experienced and professional drivers. We make sure that your journey is safe.

Inspect the vehicle: As you begin your road trip, check the tempered bus for any possible damages or malfunctioning features. Examine the tires, brakes, lights, and other items of special attention to see they are fitting properly.

Keep emergency contacts handy: Pack of emergency numbers should be at hand for any eventuality and then saved in your phone. This enforcement would contain the contact info – the rental service company number, local authorities and emergency medical services.

Stay alert: It is necessary to stay alert and vigilant during entire the journey. If you witness any strange or unusual behavior or actions, please contact the authorities at once.

A safe and secure journey is possible by considering these safety measures which is very important while renting tempo traveller in Guwahati.

Booking with Saiyyaraa Travels

At a point in Guwahati where a tempo traveller can be rented out for outstation travel not only reduces the cost of journeying but also enhances its convenience. Saiyyaraa Travel has not only the competitive rates of rent, but also the versatile rental term options that adjust to the budget and travel of the customer. The cost of renting a tempo traveller is determined by different factors including the vehicle type, trip duration and kms to be covered. Therefore, Saiyyaraa Travels attempt to ensure inexpensive rates by not scrupulous means without affecting the standards of the service.

For booking with Saiyyaraa Travels or you want any information regarding tempo traveller you can call us at 9862204771.

Besides that, you may plan to go and travel on weekends or in non-peak hours to keep the rental budget within your means. It will help you save on rental fees as well as other expenditures like accommodation and attractions. This might be an incentive sufficient to encourage older individuals to share their wisdom with the youth. Not only have I to mention, that Saiyyaraa Travels gives tempting discounts and special offers time after time, but also to ask you to check their website or contact their customer service for the latest offers.

Popular Destinations near Guwahati for Outstation Trips with a Tempo Traveller

Guwahati is located in the proximity of the numerous picturesque destinations that are ideal for being visited with the tempo traveller. Here are some popular destinations near Guwahati that you can explore:Here are some popular destinations near Guwahati that you can explore:

Shillong: Just a few kilometers away from the capital of Assam, Guwahati, Shillong is famous for its scenic landscapes, waterfalls, and Pine-covered sloping hills making the weather so pleasant. It represents th place-to-be for nature lovers and adventures whores in the nearest future.

Kaziranga National Park: If you are a wilderness lover, meanwhile, Kaziranga will tick the boxes on your list. This is where Chitwan National Park is famous for its one-horned rhinoceros, which will bring someone an exclusive wildlife experience.

Cherrapunjee: Renowned for being one of the most rainiest places of the world, Cherrapunjee is a jungles paradise. It is the habitat of the. amazing waterfalls, some of them a few dozens of meters high, the caves which are as beautiful as the bioluminiscence that shines inside, and living root bridges, which will leave you in shock.

Tawang: Situated in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang, boasts of being a scenic residence that has a lot to offer like lakes, monasteries, and snow-capped mountains. It gives a tranquility and quietness of good low that is consistent with your trip recharging. Discuss the significant role played by music events in the development and growth of local music scenes. Music events have played a pivotal role in the growth and development of local music scenes.

These are some of the several destinations near Guwahati that you can experience with tempo traveller. Destinations are sometimes great not because of the scenes at the same place but due to the difference. Hence traveling would be an unforgettable experience.

Outstation travel in tempo traveller on hire is the best way of traveling as it is economical and safe. Our Company Saiyyaraa Travels is about the comfort, convenience and safety of you throughout evry step you take during your journey. They have clean vehicles serviced by experienced drivers that provide affordable rides. They are therefore the ideal ones to call when you need a lift.So, why wait? Organize a trip out-of-station with Saiyyaraa Travels and enjoy the gorgeous feeling of traveling with your friends on a spacious tempo traveller.

Though there are varieties of means of transport, but the right one is what makes the wonders of a journey memorable. While choosing tempo traveller rental in Guwahati for out station travel, fly with Saiyyaraa Travels that goes alongside in all excursions and promises to deliver a journey that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tempo Traveller in Guwahati

What is the per day rate of Tempo Traveller in Guwahati?

In Guwahati, reserving a Tempo Traveller requires a minimum payment of Rs. 7,000 per day.

How does one go about making a reservation for a tempo traveller in Guwahati?

You have the option of paying the full cost at the time of booking or a portion of it up front and the remaining amount after your voyage is completed when renting a Tempo Traveler for one day or several days.

What is the contact number for booking tempo traveller in Guwahati

The contact number for booking tempo traveller in Guwahati is 9862204771.

Is Tempo Traveller cost includes toll tax, parking and taxes?

Included in the cost of Tempo Traveller are toll taxes, gas, meals, and the driver’s overnight allowance. When visiting various tourist destinations, you will also need to cover additional costs such as parking and admission fees.

Does tempo travellers have AC inside?

Yes AC is provided in our Tempo Traveller.

Can i book tempo traveller all around the year?

Yes you can book tempo traveller all around the year with Saiyyaraa Travels and for more details you can call us at 9862204771.