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If you are ready to begin a trip where breathtaking beauty, cultural background, and fantastic memories will be your companions, come with us! Don’t go anywhere else. The true beauty of nature is on this route from Shillong to Dawki and the best companion to have is the Saiyyaraa Travels. In this blog post, we will get down on the nitty gritty of this exquisite trip, including the major spots to visit, travel advice, and what guarantees Saiyaarraa Travels an exceptional journey.

Umngot River
Umngot River

Journey to Dawki

After having Shillong’s awesomeness in our backpack, we are all set now to make a scenic drive to Dawki. Saiyyaraa Travels has comfortable cabs that make the trip not only a smooth one, but also an enjoyable journey to the countryside making you feel a part of the scenery. To travel along the impassable streets and the green hills is going to make you enchanted as the nature surronds you.

When you get to Dawki, the beauty which peacefully stares at you through the transparent Umngot River which mirrors the crystal clear blue sky will stun you. Saiyyaraa Travels is committed to providing guests with a stress-free way to travel and visit the more popular sights, with plenty of time for discovering Dawki’s overlooked treasures.

Dawki River

Top attractions in Dawki

Jaflong Zero Point: Jaflong zero point, this is a very popular tourist attraction due to the River Dawki,which crosses the Indian territory and leaves into Bangladesh here. Because it is in an elevated position this vantage point overlooks the gracious Dawki river. Besides many tourists, this barrier-free border replicates an Indo-Bangla border marked here by huge rock in the dry river bed. a trip where you can hangout with all the tourist from India and the neighboring land, Bangladesh, this is also an easterly experience that is very thrilling and unique. Jaflong has people belonging to the Khasi Tribes and stones which are one of the reasons it’s popular for. As the smiles on the other side of the border will definitely add to a beautiful memory.

Umngot River: Umngot River which famously is called as Dawki River, one of the cleanest rivers in Asia moves through the valley at Jaintia Hills and finally flows into Bangladesh. This river is a spectacular attraction where people come and go hence going viral during the clear water days. Boaters get their boats to such emerald water are some of the hottest destination for tourists. Travellers have mentioned that cruising down this river is a one of a kind adventure and you feel like are flying over the water. Understanding this, Indian tourism should emphasize boating events and have a team regularly clean the paddles and steering systems. From these pores, the rocks and the human inhabitants in the water habitat can be seen with your eyes. Natives speculate that the perfect time visit to this spot is on a sunny day since water appears clearer and visible.

Jingmaham Living Root Bridge: Living bridges are known for their beauty, and this one is one of a kind. It links the two small cliffs, making it a great addition to the tourist area. To be honest, it was amazing to understand that this is a manmade bridge bridging the divide constructed by roots that has sustained the area for getso many years by local communities. Most likely, you would have an extraordinary experience. By having intertwining roots that cover over a stream, other species would have the opportunity to thrive. It is the only one open to everybody who would like to spend a small fraction of time and experience the better part of the city.

Shnongpdeng: It is a village settled along river Umngot, known to be all about the adrenaline rush, discoveries, and new learning. Here, to make the most discoveries you can stay at the cosy dwellings owned by the community where everyone is welcoming. However, on the day when the entire world around sees spring after the hard winter water sports festival comes to our town annually from February to April. Besides that, you can also go camping at Shnongpdeng and Dawki, then do the water activities like kayaking, swimming or drifting by boat. The traditional forest of the nature revolution reflected by close trees creates a perfect place for hiking and camping.

Borhill Falls: Situated amongst Dawki and Lyngkha, Borhill Waterfall is simply one of the places often overlooked in Dawki. Who would have thought that Bangladesh plains can be reached from here. It is, after all, astoundingly beautiful, just like the main waterfalls, but is unfortunately out of sight, and few people notice it. The untouched charm and allure of this unvisited or discovered place is one of the reasons it is a worthy destination to visit near Dawki. This waterfall just puts every small problem you have in perspective and convinces you of the magnificence of nature. I bet it is like being in another galaxy. It awe-inspiring, so much to a point you may want to stay forever.

Why Choose Saiyyaraa Travels for Shillong to Dawki Cabs

Saiyyaraa Travels is dedicated to ensuring your travel dream come to life while exploring Shillong up to Dawki and anywhere else. Saiyyaraa Travels has a robust fleet of cabs, professionally-trained drivers, and can customize tour services making sure every traveler leaves with an unforgettable experience minus any sort of hassles. As well as if you, the lone traveler, a family on holiday, or a band of friends are searching for thrilling adventures Saiyyaraa Travels focuses on all travel needs and delivers them as professionally as possible.

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Safety and Reliability: Prioritizing safety and reliability become the main principle for the perfect traveling, as all the passengers will enjoy the ride.

Finally, leaving Shillong for medieval-likeer Dawki at the end of the journeys, you will feel calm and relaxed after the unforgettable time travelling by Saiyyaraa Travels and the memories so freshly aromatic that they will last until the very final day of your life. Whether you are taken around the picturesque landscapes of Shillong or just sitting quietly at Dawki watching and listening to the tranquility of nature, there is a joy and amazement you will experience every single moment of your stay. Thereby, visit the travel booking agency, take your vehicle, and partake of a life experience of everlasting adventure with Saiyyaraa Travels.Happy travels!

Frequently Asked Questions for Shillong to Guwahati Cabs

What's the distance between Shillong to Dawki?

The approximate driving distance and duration to get from Shillong to Dawki via NH206 is 81.8 kilometers, and the trip takes 2 hours 47 minutes.

What are the available cars options for the trip from Shillong to Dawki?

There are several different automobile options available with Saiyyaraa Travels for the Shillong to Dawki excursion ara hatchback, sedan, suv and tempo travellers.

How much does a cheapest taxi ride from Shillong to Dawki cost?

The most affordable taxi rate for a hatchback (Maruti Alto or Maruti 800) from Shillong to Dawki is Rs. 3500/- and for a sedan cab it will cost you Rs. 4000/-

Where do I get cab reservations from Shillong to Dawki?

Saiyyaraa Travels can arrange a taxi from Shillong to Dawki. To reserve our taxi service, please get in touch with us.
You can reach us by phone at 9862204771 or on our website to make your reservation.

Do you offer car rentals from Shillong to Dawki?

Indeed, we provide driver-only vehicle rentals from Shillong to Dawki.

Is the Shillong to Dawki Taxi Service open around-the-clock?

Yes, you can use Saiyyaraa Travels Shillong to Dawki Taxi Service around-the-clock. There are several different types of taxis, including Tata Sumo, SUVs, and hatchbacks. For a more convenient booking, you can reserve your taxi online on our website. Numerous hassles can be avoided in this way.

Is it safe to travel the Shillong to Dawki highway, especially at night?

Even at night, one of the safest routes is the Shillong to Dawki route. On this highway, incidents are generally nonexistent.
However, as the town’s local businesses close at 7 p.m., it is advised that you arrive in Dawki by that time to avoid any difficulties purchasing food or other necessities.

What is the contact number to book Shillong to Dawki Cabs?

To Book Shillong to Dawki Cabs you can call us at 9862204771 or whatsapp on the same number.